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Proudly supported in 2013-2015 by:
Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)

Achievements of 2015 M.Phil. graduates include:
Ms Kelli Francis-Staite (Murray, Leistner),
Rhodes PhD Scholarship at Oxford University,
Mr Konrad Pilch (Varghese, Murray),
PhD scholarship at CALTECH,
Mr William Crawford (Larusson, Buchdahl),
University medal and APA for PhD at Monash University.

Congratulations to Dr David Baraglia and Dr Hang Wang for their outstanding DECRA success in 2016!!

Geometry lies at the core of modern mathematics with deep and wide implications in all other mathematical disciplines. In the last decade there has been an extraordinary confluence of ideas in mathematics and theoretical physics brought about by pioneering discoveries in geometry and analysis. Geometry pervades modern technology (medical imaging and information security being two well known examples).

A University Research Centre and the research arm of the Discipline of Pure Mathematics in the School of Mathematical Sciences, the Institute for Geometry and its Applications (IGA) was founded on the 7th of November 1996, in recognition of the strong group of researchers in geometry and its applications at Adelaide, with its inaugural director being Professor Michael Eastwood (Adelaide). The IGA organises symposia, workshops, instructional schools and regular seminars. The IGA also provides collaborative opportunities to promote research in geometry.

The IGA has recently been recognized as being one of the University's Research Expertise and Strengths in the fundamental disciplines. Both in the 2010 and in the 2012 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) nationwide rankings, pure mathematics at Adelaide received an impressive score of 4 (out of 5), rating it above world standard.

The IGA staff currently are researching in wide range of subjects in the area of geometry including differential, finite, complex, non-commutative and algebraic geometry together with other geometric topics in mathematical physics, partial differential equations, index theory, K-theory, moduli spaces, information security, string theory, and representation theory.

2009: IGA special events
2010: IGA Special Year in Geometry and its Applications
2011: IGA special events
2012: IGA special events
2013: IGA special events

IGA Special Year in Geometry and Physics 2015

Higher Structures in String Theory and Quantum Field Theory Joint ESI/MSI/IGA program, ESI, Vienna, Austria, 16 November - 18 December 2015, partly supported by IGA.

Prof Steve Rosenberg (Boston University) is spending his sabbatical leave at University of Adelaide from mid-August 2015, partly supported by IGA.

MSI Special Year 2015: Geometry and Physics, joint events with IGA.

IGA/AMSI Workshop "Symmetries and Spinors - Interactions between Geometry and Physics", 13-17 April 2015.

IGA/AMSI Workshop Geometric Quantisation, 27-31 July 2015.

IGA/AMSI Workshop, Australia-Japan Geometry, Analysis and their applications, 19-23 October, 2015.

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